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Roulette guide| How to play roulette

Roulette is actually a fairly simple game. You have the table here and have the numbers from 1 to 36 and 0 and double 0. In roulette you have a wheel that matches all the numbers on the board, the first thing you should do. It is possible to get chips that you may have had at another table or in other betting games, but in roulette we usually use chips of different colors without denomination.

This is basically something for everyone else to play all these different colors and for the house to keep track of who to pay and who to take. So when you come in now, you usually know how a stack of savings saved like 50 dollars or something like that. Until you get $ 50 and then you’re ready to go, you can put your chips anywhere you’d like the table minimums to be published, usually, it’s about five or ten dollars .

In the case of a table of $ 10, what you should do note that first there are two areas of the table. We have the exterior that takes care of. You know, we have one to eighteen par-odd black red and all the bets equal and then we have the ones that we know we have the first twelve seconds twelve and third twelve that cover these respective areas, we also have a column bet that handles all the column of numbers that is outside.

You will bet the outside. You must bet the minimum of the table at each point. The interior area. This is the fun part. Here you have to bet a total of ten dollars on a table to the right and you could put them the way you want and the way you know how the chips work. You could put them in any individual number or in any series of numbers to cover certain areas that you might want to cover more and more numbers, that cover better chances to win.

But the less you pay and the way it works is the following. If you’re betting on any of these here even high-low, black, red, right, all they pay the same money, so if t the number two was two, if you have one, and the number fourteen appears. You receive the same money, one by one, well, if you were playing one of these numbers here. Say if they put the second twelve and you and the ball fall number 17, then you would win here, but this pays two to one.

Also if you have a bet down on the columns, it is the same as i say 15 appears and in this column this you pay two to one and the inside numbers. Is where things get a little more interesting, where you can bet a number of numbers the right way that you know see. If the number thirteen appears in this event can be paid from thirty five to one, you can also put them on the line to indicate that you want to put money in more than one number at a time.

So this chip here covers 13 and 14, it’s a bit of two numbers, this pays seventeen to one good. The same would be here, which would cover seven and ten or here, which would cover only zero and one. Also if you want to have one, if you want to bet on three numbers at the same time, you can make this call a street where you have the money in ten eleven or twelve. If one of these numbers comes out, one of these numbers will come out, and the other three numbers.

The bet that we have here is called the basket, that is a zero, zero, zero and the number two is the same. If one of these numbers comes out, it is paid from eleven to one, then it has a bet of four numbers that is called a corner, where really you bet. See 13, 14, 16 and 17, this is actually my favorite bet here and one of these four numbers comes out, then you pay eight to one, then you have a bet of five numbers.

This is the only bed of five numbers on the board, that has zero double zero one two three. These five numbers only pay six to one and then we have what is called a line bet, which are these six numbers that you know. When you have them on the line in this way, this covers 13 to 18 and if one of these numbers comes out you pay five to one and basically you know what happens. Is that people will put their money in a bunch of different numbers and now they’ll see the guy who’s here, they’ll stab him like ten, and let’s say they want to put a lot in the second twelve and then what happens.

The wheel dealer has no more bets, he discovers that the number is twenty, which covers this bit right here, so the losers are erased from the table and it turns out that both, were equal and it is in the second 12 and that we pay two to one . So that says money, I’ll just discard it, so I’m thirty-twenty years old, so, in case the dealer does not have enough chips and they pay you in cash.

These are these chips that you could take to any other table and he takes care of that and then these bets here c17 to one of seventeen to one is four times, so it’s $ 68 he’ll probably get three seconds and then a combination and this leaves the table and then he can withdraw or place his.

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